Specialty Chemicals, Food Products and Commodities

Speciality Chemicals

Phosphoric acid with a purity of 85% means that the acid solution contains 85% pure phosphoric acid (H3PO4) by weight and the remaining 15% consists of other substances. Phosphoric acid with this level of purity is commonly used in various industrial applications, such as in the production of fertilizers, detergents, food and beverages (as an acidulant), and in the pharmaceutical industry, among others. When handling and using any chemical, including phosphoric acid, proper safety measures and guidelines should be followed to ensure safe usage.
Ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C2H5OH. It is a clear, colorless, volatile liquid that is flammable and has a characteristic odor. Ethanol is the type of alcohol commonly found in alcoholic beverages, but it is also widely used in industry, medicine, and as a solvent in various applications. Ethanol is an important compound, but it should be handled with care due to its flammability and potential health hazards if ingested or misused.
Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) is a high-quality, pure form of ethanol or ethyl alcohol that is almost entirely devoid of impurities and other substances that can influence its taste, odor, and color. It is produced through a process of multiple distillations and filtration, which ensures the removal of various impurities, including aldehydes, esters, and other volatile organic compounds. he term “Extra Neutral Alcohol” is particularly used in the context of the beverage alcohol industry, especially for distilleries producing high-quality spirits

Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans (Coffea arabica) are one of the most widely cultivated and consumed species of coffee in the world. They belong to the Coffea genus and are known for their superior quality and delicate flavors Arabica coffee is believed to have originated in the highlands of Ethiopia Overall, Arabica coffee beans are highly sought after for their exceptional taste and are a significant contributor to the global coffee industry. The appreciation for their nuanced flavors has led to a growing interest in specialty coffee and a desire to preserve the unique qualities of beans from different regions.
Robusta coffee beans (Coffea canephora) are one of the primary species of coffee plants cultivated for commercial coffee production. Robusta coffee beans are known for their distinct characteristics and are commonly used in various coffee blends and instant coffee products. Robusta coffee beans are one of the two primary species of coffee plants cultivated for commercial coffee production. Robusta coffee beans are known for their distinct characteristics and are commonly used in various coffee blends and instant coffee products.

Coffee Powder

Instant agglomerated coffee powder is a type of coffee product that has been processed to create granules or larger particles, making it easy to dissolve in water and prepare a cup of coffee quickly. The agglomeration process can help improve the quality of instant coffee by reducing issues like clumping and improving the overall appearance and texture. It also helps to preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee, ensuring a consistent taste in every cup.
Freeze-dried coffee powder is a type of instant coffee made from real brewed coffee that has undergone a special freeze-drying process. The process involves freezing the liquid coffee to a very low temperature and then removing the water through sublimation, which is the direct transition of water from a solid (ice) to a gas (water vapor) without becoming a liquid in between. The advantages of freeze-dried coffee powder include its convenience, long shelf life, and ease of preparation.


Turmeric is a popular spice widely used in cooking, particularly in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines. The term “turmeric finger” refers to the raw or unprocessed form of turmeric, which resembles the fingers of a hand. Turmeric fingers are the raw rhizomes or underground stems of the turmeric plant. They are usually oblong or finger-like in shape, with a rough, brownish skin on the outside. Overall, turmeric is not only a flavorful spice but also a valuable addition to your diet due to its potential health-promoting properties.

White sugar, also known as granulated sugar or table sugar, is a common sweetener used in a wide range of culinary applications. White sugar is primarily composed of sucrose, which is a disaccharide sugar. Sucrose consists of two simpler sugars, glucose, and fructose, bonded together. It is usually extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet plants. White sugar is typically granulated and has a fine, crystalline texture. The size and shape of sugar crystals can impact its quality and performance in various applications. ICUMSA methods can be used to analyze crystal size. Typically, an ICUMSA rating of 45 indicates a highly refined white sugar of high purity, whereas brown sugar would have a rating of around 1000. The average size of the crystals is between 700 and 1400 μm